Monday, August 3, 2009

Bread Roll

Bread slices
4 boiled potatoes
1 finely chopped onions
2 finely green chilli
2 tesp lemon juice
salt to taste
oil to fry
1.Mix all the ingredients except oil.
2.Soak Bread slice in water.Squeeze the water.Fill the potato mix and roll,shape as you like.
3.Deep fry each roll in oil.Serve with sauce and chutney.
Sending it over priya's easy n tasty recipies for event sunday snacks-snacks with bread


EC said...

Yum...tempting ones

Faiza Ali said...

yummy bread rolls dear. Perfect snack and looks easy too. Will give it a try soon.

Rush said...

leme try this for evening snack today!!

Anonymous said...

Where re u dear?

easy&yummy snack!

arti agarwal said...

Thanks to all for your lovely comments

Sukanya said...

The bread rolls looks irresisitible!!!!