Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Potato Sandwich



Bread Slices


4 boiled potatoes

2 chopped green chilli

salt to taste

1 tesp red chilli pd

1/2 tesp turmeric pd

1 tesp coriander pd

1/2 tesp garam masala

1/2 tesp Aamchoor pd

1 tbsp finely chopped green coriander leaves

1 tbsp oil

1 tesp cumin seeds


1.Heat oil in a pan.Add cumin seeds.When it crackles add all masalas with a small quantity of water.

2.Add boiled potatoes,coriander leaves,green chilli.

3.Cook it till potatoes leave the pan surface.Masala(filling) is ready

4.Put this filling between the 2 slices of bread.Spread some butter over it and grill it in a toaster.Serve it with sauce.

Sending it over Dil se for the event show me your sandwich

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Anonymous said...

potato sandwich looks soo perfect..dear!