Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Instant Bhatura

2 cups Rawa(Suji)
Salt to taste
Water to knead
1.Knead the rawa with water to make a soft dough.Keep it for 5 mins.Knead it again till soft.
2.Make puri size batura an deep fry in oil.
3.Serve it with cholle.


Ranjeev said...

Why should people with NO idea what bhatura is post recipes left and right? Just to waste others time and make them believe that cyberspace has more junk than good. Please excuse my language but this recipe is junk and bears no resemblence to the actual bhatura which I know being a punjabi. Just by adding the word instant you can't make it into a complete something else.

Sandip said...

This is crap! this recipe is for a pani puri......dumbass! there is no rava in bhatura. get rid of it.