Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fruit Truffle

1 Sponge Cake(cut into rectangular pieces)
200 ml fresh cream(whipped cream)
1 bowl of fresh fruits(strawberry,oranges,grapes,apple,pomegranate,tinned pineapple),or any seasonal fruits
1 cup of custard
7-8 Almonds and walnuts for garnishing
1/2 cup sugar syrup
2 cups Vanilla Ice-cream
1. Arrange a first layer of cake in a dish.
2. Spread some sugar syrup over it.
3. Now pour some custard over it.
4.  Arrange some fruits over it.
5. Spread ice-cream over it
6 .Now spread fresh cream over it.
7. Again arrange a second layer of cake.
8.Repeat the above steps.
9.In the end garnish it with fruits and dry fruits.
10.Keep it in freeze and serve chilled.